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even tho i knew EXACTLY what was gonna happen…. ywpd grande road ep 3…. titled “akira”… 











That’s like criticising Hussie of supporting genocide for writing the Condesce.

are people seriously

oh my god I just remembered we have halloween themed oreos my night just got so much better


happy midousuji day
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happy midousuji day

Anonymous sent: I know you just watched princess jellyfish recently so kuranosuke and tsukimi!

ah well kuranosuke bc sometimes I just want to look like a boy the same way he likes dressing as a girl, I don’t want to be a boy but I just want to wear boys clothes and have short hair and for strangers to think I’m a boy

and tsukimi bc I’m about as shy as she is

zombiesbarfrainbows sent: Hmmm jane from homestuck? :3

for some reason I feel like I’m a lot like her but I guess I love puzzle solving


let’s do the thing where you send me a character and I name a trait we both share.

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imaizumi sinking into love hime hell is my favorite thing

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Necomimi Midosuji by akqh

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flesh and bone || the killers

what are you afraid of?
and what are you made of?

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assholewithheadphones sent: your cool as hell tbh

sometimes I too think I’m cool but then I think about all the times I’ve smiled and nodded when I couldn’t hear what someone said, and then it turns out they were asking a question

K A M I N A 

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I watched sakamichi no apollon yesterday and I think it left a drum kit shaped hole in my heart